Albina Kolesnichenko


Albina Kolesnichenko is a Ukrainian illustrator, born in 1994 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. She lives in the ancient city of Chernihiv since childhood and Ukraine is her motherland.

Albina began her creative journey in Ukraine. She majored in fine arts and sculpture at National University. Illustration is a lifelong passion and professional activity since 2016. Socially important topics are intricately woven into her works as Albina believes that illustrations are an easy way to open complex dialogues.

Depicting war in Ukraine in illustrations is a medium to get much needed support from people all over the world. These artworks express the unbreakable will for freedom and independence of the Ukrainian people.

instagram: albina.kolesnichenko

Proud to be Ukrainian


Everything seems to be monochrome lately. Covered in shades of black, grey, dirt. You can see this in my previous illustrations. It is because of what I have seen, heard, lost. Because of fatigue, hatred, dread. When it comes to colours, there’s only yellow and blue. It is through the trust, support, and courage of those by my side. Through the pride that this country is my home.