Aleksander Małachowski, Hashtagalek

Aleksander Małachowski aka Hashtagalek is an architectural photographer, master of fine arts, and a co-founder of the ProjektFotografia.pl course. His passion stems from an endless thrill that accompanies him when discovering different perspectives and paying attention to the tiniest details. His earlier studies pushed him to seek for an intersection between photography and the physical world organised by means of geometry and symmetry shaped in a minimalist way. Samsung’s brand ambassador. Aleksander has shot photos for brands like Uber, Mastercard, ECHO Investment, PURO Hotels, Canon, ERGO Hestia, and Skanska.

instagram: hashtagalek

Polish Hospitality

Here’s a piece named “Polish Hospitality”, in which I wanted to highlight the engagement of Polish citizens. My goal here was to use both red-white and blue-yellow colour combinations to reinforce the message of solidarity. In addition, I was looking for a reference to Polish hospitality and the fact that it is the ordinary-unusual people of Poland who are the front line in helping refugees. And so, after many hours of thought, I came up with the concept of a house — a symbol of hospitality — amidst fields, set against a clouded sky whose explosion-like pattern refers to the outburst of support. What was left was is to combine my two photographs I took last summer: one of a house in the middle of a field of poppies and one of a billowy cloud. There are currently thousands of such houses and homes. Poles are great.