Aleksandra Morawiak

Aleksandra Morawiak is an artist specialising in digital collage. She creates beautiful and detail-rich, fairytale-like, surreal worlds in her art. She has worked with publishers, brands, agencies in Poland and abroad, including Design Alive, Label Magazine, Modern Designers, Design Alive, KUKBUK, ELLE. Her illustrations have also been awarded by the Must Have quality label and won the Golden Prize of KTR (Advertising Creators Club) in the ‘illustration’ category. She have also received the first prize in the European Product Design Award 2019 contest for her design of the “Liquid memory” sheets for the FOONKA brand.

instagram: aleksandramorawiak

Thoughts and Prayers for Ukraine

I can think of only one thing — of our neighbours who have to face war. I created this collage on impulse, following what my heart told me. Despite the great amount of sorrow we’re now bearing, I am moved to see so many Poles come together united, organise aid, and do what they can to help — and it’s absolutely wonderful. Every little gesture matters, and I’m sure every single one will be appreciated. #standwithukraine