Alina Ponomarenko (Alina Art Collage)


Alina Ponomarenko is a Ukrainian artist who was born in Chernihiv in 1997. She started working with collage in 2016; later, she mastered stop-animation. Her art combines traditional analogue collage techniques and the digital domain. Her approach to creating images demonstrates a new type of visual thinking and interpretation of ethnic motives in art.
Over the years, her unique style and craft have led to fruitful collaborations with MONATIK, ELLE Ukraine magazine covers, visually saturated articles for Harper’s Bazaar, a unique project with Prada, and a number of other exciting team projects in the digital space.
When creating her works of art, she travels between the world of surrealism and the real one, emotionally filled with social and cultural problems.

instagram: alina_art_collage

Asket «In memory of our Heroes»


During the war, you are more acutely aware than ever that life is a gift, for which Ukrainians are paying a high price now. Those who live need memory that, of course, will never be enough to bring back those whom the war has taken away forever, but it will be enough to continue to love them.

No matter how horrible is the emptiness of loss, the light still will win over darkness.

In memory of our 🖤