Ania Augustynowicz

Ania Augustynowicz is a motion designer and mixed media collage artist, currently based in Warsaw, Poland. Her fashion industry experience has provided her with a unique perspective which she uses to create her art. By combining and decomposing pictures, her unique creative process creates eye-catching pieces of modern art. Ania’s clients include global fashion brands and magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Celine, and many more. Ania has also participated as a judge in creative events and lectured on collage in addition to her artistic work. In her art, she combines both photography and videos to create a compelling visual story for musicians, the fashion industry, and a variety of clients from the creative sector.

instagram: augustynkaa

Make Peace, Not War

“Make Peace Not War” is a work with a completely clear, unambiguous message. Inspired — or rather devastated — by the developments in Ukraine, I felt I was not able to help as much as I would have liked. I was far away from Poland during the war, so I felt a strong desire and need to get involved and help. And that’s how the poster was born. It’s an artistic expression of emotions and support — support offered by me but also by the whole world, which suffered together with the citizens of Ukraine. “Make Peace Not War” is a manifesto that resulted mainly from a sense of powerlessness. It was also meant to draw the attention of those who did not realise how terrible the situation of our neighbours was.