Anton Logov


Anton Logov was born in the city of Rozdilna in the Odessa region in 1984, and currently lives and works in Kyiv. His field of artistic expression include painting, performance, sculpture, and installations. In 2020, Anton won the OBJECTS art prize competition for young artists. Anton has been actively taking part in group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad; his works are shown in particular in the Saatchi gallery (London), the LITEXPO exhibition center (Vilnius), the National Museum of Georgia (Tbilisi), the Zenko Foundation galleries (Kyiv), Invogue#Art (Odesa), Art Center “I Gallery” (Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv). He set a mission for himself — to speak as widely as possible about the events in Ukraine using the language of art. To make it clear that there is a war there. People who are safe forget quickly, therefore, it is necessary to make the world listen and hear. The main thing is to keep the faith alive.

instagram: antonlogov

Dead Ukrainians lying on the streets of bombed Bucha