Igor Kubik

Igor Kubik is a visual artist, an illustrator, and a designer. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Illustration Studio run by Grażka Lange and Monika Hanulak. He is an author of art books as well as press and commercial illustrations. He also works in the domains of graphic design, art direction, branding, and packaging. For several years he has been working for the Przekrój magazine. In his work, he focuses on the observation of connections, repetitions, and patterns that can serve as an expression of synergy between external and internal realities.

instagram: igor.kubik

Glory to Ukraine

In the face of the Russian onslaught on Ukraine, I felt immensely powerless and helpless. I didn’t want to go for a standard piece on solidarity. Given the magnitude of this tragedy, such a statement seemed to me to be all too trivial, way insufficient to express all the suffering and pain that Ukrainians went through. I decided to make my work refer to the video footage from the town of Heniches’k in the Kherson region, where you can see a woman standing in front of the Russian occupying forces throwing a handful of sunflower seeds at them, saying: “Put the sunflower seeds in your pockets so that they grow on Ukrainian soil when you die.” The situation, the words, and the courage of this woman made a huge impression on me. I drew my piece spontaneously, virtually as soon as the video was published online.