Jan Estrada-Osmycki

Jan Estrada-Osmycki is a son of a Mexican-Polish couple, a painter by profession, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and an interdisciplinary artist. As a typeface designer, he works with Threedotstype, the Designers Foundry, Collins. He’s the creator of Telecom, Sudety, Wulkan, and Halisa typefaces. Last year he started Tekio with his partner Karolina Zawadzka. Their initiative is a combination of a design studio, a typographic house, and an audiovisual publishing house. As an audiovisual artist, he’s a member of the Zbiorowy collective. As Bass Jan Other, he released his solo album titled ‘Washed by Waves’ in 2017.

instagram: janestradaosmycki

Dear Putin

The work “Dear Putin” was based on a photo found online, depicting a protester with a banner reading the same words. I fell in love with this statement right away because of how aptly it talks about how ‘history likes (and tends) to repeat itself’. I thought it had great potential, but lacked clarity and legibility. My only job here was to amplify the voice of the Ukrainian protester. Following the tone of the statement, I put it together as simply and as bluntly as possible with the thickest variation of my Halis font, making the idea, the message clearer, more readable.