Julia Tveritina


Julia Tveritina is an artist born in 1986 in Kyiv, Ukraine. She earned her master’s degree from the National Academy of Arts (2011) and received an internship from the National Academy of Arts (2011-2015). She was awarded a Grant of the President of Ukraine offered to young artists in the discipline of fine arts (In 2013). Julia won a silver medal from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Ministry of Culture for the best master’s diploma work in five years, in graphic techniques (2015). This was followed by the 2018 Best Book Design award for ”Girls Power” in Mystetskyi Arsenal. Together with Anna Sarvira, she was selected to be featured in the catalogue of Ukrainian illustrators published by the Ukrainian Book Institute 2018. Julia is a graphic artist, painter, illustrator. She works at Suzhou University, teaching illustration.

instagram: yuliiatveritina

Grave of Fireflies


I found this pic and changed the colors on it (art for the Grave of the Fireflies. I think those who watched the films by Studio Ghibli should know this title). It has been on my computer for a long time, left unfinished because I got upset every time I looked at it. I have watched this anti-war movie only once and will never watch it again. It absolutely broke my heart. Now I think of all the little kids now getting to know war and my heart breaks again. Kids who were hiding for the second day in the cold subway and sleeping in damp shelters. I would never have thought that in Europe, in the modern world of today, something like this could become reality again.