Karolina Kulik

Karolina is a 22-year-old student of graphic design, based in Warsaw. She has been interested in art and new technology ever since she remembers. Her studies let her combain her two passions. This enabled her to gain a lot of knowledge that she could already implement in her artistic and professional career. Tasks like photos edits, making short videos and animations, but also branding and designing book and album covers are the type of thing which she likes the most. Recently she’s been focused on posters and 3D graphic design. This is related to her work as well as art projects. Designing is not only her work but also a hobby, and she’s into creating something new whenever she has some free time on her hands.

instagram: k.qlik


The poster came to being as a result of the emotions I felt when I followed the news about the conflict right across our border. I wanted it to be distinctive, expressive, striking, and attention-grabbing. At the same time, I wanted it to focus on the facts I read in the news that day and on the main ‘architect’ of all this horror. I wanted Putin to be shown with those affected by the war — and with barbed wire, which symbolizes the disinformation fed to the people in Russia.