Lehel Kovacs

Lehel Kovacs is a Hungarian illustrator born in Transylvania and based in Budapest, whose works have appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines. Lehel’s art is simple and direct, but he utilises a very sophisticated approach to visual storytelling. In addition to editorial illustration, he has illustrated album covers, books, and billboards. He says that one of the joys of working as an illustrator is that he has regained that creative freedom he had when he was a child.

instagram: le_hell

Blood on Blue and Yellow

I created this image a few days after the beginning of the invasion, it’s a reference to a well-known photo here in Hungary, one showing Rakosi (a fearsome dictator ruling between 1949 and 1953) inspecting a wheat field. In recent years, I have been following the situation in Russia and in Ukraine very closely, and Putin’s dictatorial aspirations were clear since the very start. And we have a prime minister here who was getting closer and closer to Moscow just to pursue his populist agenda. So, for me, this project is also an opportunity to say how sorry I am that an EU and NATO member country’s prime minister acts as he did (and continues to do), and to reassure our Ukrainian friends that the vast majority of Hungarians stands with them!