Mariusz Waras

Mariusz Waras is an artist born in 1978 in Gdynia, holding a post-doctoral degree, currently employed as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he runs the Street Art Studio at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, teaching a course named Architecture of Cultural Spaces. In addition to his academic work, he works in graphic design, creating spatial installations and large scale paintings. Mariusz Waras is known as one of the world’s most significant street artists thanks to his impressive legacy as a creator of murals, especially his early project called ‘M-city’, which in a way has become his trademark. He also curates art exhibitions and events. He’s a co-founder of the POGODA think tank, which manages culture in its broadest sense. Since 2018, he has been curating the Dictator Art Masters festival held on the premises of a distillery in the heart of a jungle in Colombia. He currently works with the brand Dictador as the author of the NFT collection at ArtHouse Spirits DAO.

instagram: m_city_mariusz_waras

Sisterhood and Brotherhood

Visual aid in a difficult situation is as important as any other; it heals the soul.