Marta Koshulinska


Marta Koshulinska is a Ukraine-based illustrator, artist, and designer. She specialises in children’s book illustration.
She graduated from the Ivan Trush Lviv Art College, Faculty of Ceramics, and Lviv Polytechnic National University, Graphic Design. She has over 8 years of experience illustrating books for clients from Ukraine, Poland, and the USA (picture books, covers, editorials, VR books).
In her illustrations created before the war in Ukraine, she always tried to incorporate warm and good emotions. Now, her creations convey the truth about war and call for keeping the focus on the good and helping the Ukrainian people.

instagram: marta_koshulinska

Railway station


The reality of railway stations in Ukraine now. Women and children are forced to leave their homes because of the danger of bombing or complete loss of everything. They say goodbye to their husbands, dads, and brothers. And they don’t know when they will be able to see each other again.