Mateusz Gołowkow

Mateusz Gołowkow is a would-be architect who turned out as a graphic designer. He started as a street artist using stencils as his main tool. He had embraced limitations of his tools and let them be part of his style, playing with simple shapes and colours, clean designs, and universal symbols with weight and meaning behind them. He loves finding new patterns and taking inspiration from everyday objects and phenomena: nature, things, human behaviours.

instagram: made.by.goly

The Ghost of a Tyrant

The Ghost of a Tyrant was created in late February 2022, during the first week of the new wave of Russian aggression against Ukraine.
An invasion whose magnitude no one was yet fully aware of. Putin eventually decided to declare war on the civilised world, just as his predecessors did in the 20th century. The Ghost of a Tyrant is an image of an aggressor who is completely indifferent to human suffering, who commits cruel crimes of murder, and who manipulates his people through propaganda.