Mykhailo Skop (NEIVANMADE)


Mykhailo Skop is a Ukrainian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts with a degree in graphic design. He’s an art director at Hiatus Games — a Ukrainian board game development studio. Mykhailo is the author of the board game “Mortiv” and a co-creator of “Deus lo Vult” and “Streets of Amsterdam”. Before the outbreak of the Russian invasion, he restored the material culture of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, which his hometown of Lviv historically belongs to.
He has also participated in expeditions to abandoned cemeteries in Poland with the Viri Foundation and conducted traditional research on Ukrainian iconography.
He’s had dozens of exhibitions, both solo and in groups. His other interests include street art, design, and contemporary art.

instagram: neivanmade


Apple trees blossomed amid an unending winter, flames of love flared up amid the atrocities of fury, and victory songs could be heard amid a deathly silence. All this could happen because we’ve done the unthinkable and are committed to continue doing it every single day to come. All this to see the sun rise with a new dawn, to watch the spring quietly bloom in fire, to make the warm memories of the lost loved ones not fade away in the piercing chill of everyday of February 24.

And she’s like a dream of a dream
Shining bright with sacred beauty,
Heavenly purity,
Laughing on petals,
On flowers
With radiant dew.
– Mykola Voronyi, “The Blue Maiden”