Natasha Garlukovich

Natasha Garlukovich is an artist from Belarus. She studied design in Minsk and in 2020, she moved to Warsaw, Poland. Natasha creates her art inspired and influenced by current events, starting from the protests in Belarus and ending with documenting the recent developments in Ukraine. Through her art, Natasha tries to support others and herself.

instagram: natagarl

Minsk & Warsaw

I created this work during the first week of the war. It is based on the protests near the Russian embassy in Warsaw. I saw these flags and these posters (there were many more, of course). On the same day, people in Minsk were trying to protest against the war, but it is a hard thing to do in these circumstances in Belarus… And now, there are a lot of Belarusians in Poland, and it feels like a blessing to have the possibility to say out loud everything we want to say. So, “Belarus is not Lukashenko,” and we want the war to be stopped.