Ola Jasionowska

Ola Jasionowska (1987) is a Warsaw-based illustrator and graphic designer. She has been working as an art director at the Warsaw City Hall since 2016, involved in developing and designing key visuals for various city events. She also collaborates with Polish cultural institutions to improve their visual branding and with clients from all over the world. You may know Ola’s visual language and branding from the Polish Women on Strike initiative. Poster is her basic means of expression. She makes use of her talent to support initiatives against social inequalities.

instagram: olajasionowska_posters


I consider poster as my primary language of expression. It would sometimes act as my spontaneous response to many events, usually the more upsetting and shocking ones, like in the case of Women’s Strikes or during the escalation of police violence against protesting activists in the summer of 2020. I consider the Russian people, intimidated and manipulated by propaganda we can’t fathom, a certain collateral victim of the war and a direct victim of the system they live in, which is why I would never put the flag in the centre of my poster, because I’d say it symbolises their nation. And who symbolises violence and evil here is Putin and his allies. What I thought when watching all those acts of violence and injustice against Ukrainians was that it was evil in its purest form.