Oleg Gryshchenko


Oleg Gryshchenko is an artist, illustrator, and academic teacher at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Co-founder of the Pictoric illustrators club, with which he has been organising and supervising international illustration exhibitions and socio-cultural projects showcasing Ukrainian illustrators since 2014.
In his art, Oleg makes use of modern reinterpretation of elements of folk art, historical examples of Ukrainian printed graphics. Since 2010 he has been actively involved in international collective exhibitions of graphic arts. He’s also organised five personal exhibition projects. He lives and works in Kyiv.

instagram: oleggryshchenko

Stand with Ukraine


My works of art are a form of my civic expression through graphic images. In my series of posters intended to support Ukraine, I use well-known, popular metaphors to make them easily understood across the world, without the need for lengthy explanations. After all, the main role of works of art is to become memorable and leave no audience indifferent to the war in Ukraine and the problems it leads to. To make every viewer able to connect the dots, analyse the causes of this war, and know who the aggressor is.