Oleg Semak


Oleg Semak is an illustrator and artist, born and raised in Ukraine. Since the start of a full-scale war between Ukraine and the Russian aggressor, he has been creating a series of works called THE BATTLE FOR FREEDOM. In his practice, he incorporates his personal anxieties, fears and worries, speaking on behalf of all of the Ukrainian people, designing war-themed posters. From day one, he has been drawing a series of posters and handing them out to his friends, sending them to the military at the front for motivation, and also successfully selling them as NFTs. All of the proceeds go to the military and volunteers whom he knows personally, as well as to shelters for abandoned animals. When making his first steps into illustration, he was inspired by Herluf Bidstrup, Boris Artsybashev, and old animations featuring Ukrainian Cossacks. He is still working on his series and will continue until the war is over.

instagram: semakoleg