Oleksandra Korchevska


Oleksandra Korchevska is a graphic designer, digital designer, and art director. She has 11 years of experience in design and has won several awards. Oleksandra works frequently and closely with global companies and organisations, she also has experience in running a design department of a media startup (NDA). In 2019 she ranked 60th in ТОР-100 Ukrainian Creativity and Craft Ranking. She has designed a brandbook and visuals for the Rivne tourist region and branding system for the National University of Natural Resources Use. She also volunteers for the Roman-Catholic Church in Ukraine, designing visuals for the institution. Oleksandra is the author of the course “History of Ukrainian Design”, the first such course in the world. She lectures at Projector.Humanitarium, the UCU Lviv Business School, and the UCU Media and Communication School.

instagram: alexkorchevski

Living in the time of war