Olha Diatlova


Olha Diatlova is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has always believed in the power of love. She always wants people to feel the love pouring out of her illustrations, so that they can experience it in full bloom. She often asks herself: what can people feel when looking at my illustrations about war? And her answer is that it’s probably the same feelings she had while drawing them: pain, fear, anger. This is her way to help Ukraine — to describe what her nation is going through, using colors and shapes, so that more people can understand Ukrainian people. Her message is: look closer, see us, recognize us, help us.

instagram: cinnamonedspace

They were waiting for an evacuation train


Today was a good day. Warm, calm, full of spring sunshine. I felt safe (as much as it was possible, while there’s war in my country). Today, on April 8th, Russia bombed Kramatorsk railway station when a crowd of civilians were waiting for an evacuation train. At least 30 of them are dead, including 2 children. Nearly 300 people were wounded. The good day was over. Every day I think it can’t get worse, but it does. In fact, it gets worse and worse over time. Please, don’t call it “a terrible situation” or “a Ukrainian crisis”. It’s genocide, it’s war, Ukrainian people die every day, fighting for their freedom and the right to exist as an independent country. If Ukraine falls, any of European country can be next, take it seriously. No words left to say. Support, donate, share reliable information. I believe love and peace always win.