Rita Malka


Rita Malka is a 28-years-old face paing artist and photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Rita began her art as art therapy, which let her reach deeper into her own self. Rita believes that harmony with yourself and the ability to recognize your feelings is the key to a good life. The main thing is to find your own way to explore yourself. Figuring out what is human is not easy, but the main thing is to start with – and from – yourself.

instagram: malka_napas



This work was the fruit of a long reflection on the theme of national identity. I found this axiom of a nation: having borders, history and culture and language. All these things make a culture unique. At the time when there was talk about the outbreak of war, but it had not yet begun, I spoke in Russian. It was considered normal, but it was the same propaganda that had been indoctrinated for generations. Unfortunately I understood it late, but I understood it for sure, and literally since the creation of this work I have not uttered another Russian word.