Susie Hammer

Susie Hammer (Zuzanna Młotek, 1990). Illustrator and children’s book author. Of Varsovian origin, she spent last 10 years in Madrid, where she studied Illustration and Design. Susie uses simple shapes and vivid colors to create a playful and naive world. Her work is dedicated towards a young audience and can be found in paper, textiles, as wall art and toys. Author of over 20 publications. She combines her job as a children illustrator with work with children, she taught in a Montessori school and conducted workshops for the Madrid IED (Istituto Europeo de Diseño). Recently, she started teaching art classes in kindergartens. In 2018, she created ’Campos de Juego’ (Playgrounds) project, where she designed a space for exploration and play at the Contemporary Arts Centre in Murcia (Centro Párraga). In free time, she loves to draw dogs and sings when nobody is hearing.

instagram: susie_hammer


It is also a symbolic representation of hope, a reminder that after destruction comes rebirth.