Wiktor Pilipczuk, Obiektor

Wiktor Pilipczuk is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Łódź, Poland. He is currently a fifth-year student of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts. In his art, he expresses his feelings and emotions of the moment. Wiktor wants to create art that is both beautiful and valuable. He loves dogs, good humor, and black coffee.

instagram: obiektor

Slava Ukraini

I created the “Slava Ukraini” poster out of a need to express support for our neighbours. As I followed the development of war in Ukraine, I saw images of ordinary people preparing Molotov cocktails. I couldn’t believe my eyes — it was a shocking sight and, at the same time, a display of great courage on the part of Ukrainian citizens. I figured that a raised hand holding a bottle with a flame would be a clear and encouraging message. In my work, I incorporated the ‘Menorah Grotesk’ font by a Ukrainian designer Ivan Tsanko. I created the poster on the night of February 28 while simultaneously following Ivan’s lives on Instagram. While I was safe at home, he was hiding in a basement, preparing Molotov cocktails. I felt powerless. I hoped that he would wake up the next day, see my poster, and feel the support of another designer — his neighbour.