Robert Jonas Toth

Hungary Robert Jonas Toth, born in 1976, is an illustrator and infographic designer currently working at – an online magazine focused on science, technology, economy, and society. instagram: robiroboter Homage

Lehel Kovacs

Hungary Lehel Kovacs is a Hungarian illustrator born in Transylvania and based in Budapest, whose works have appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines. Lehel’s art is simple and direct, but he utilises a very sophisticated approach to visual storytelling. In addition to editorial illustration, he has illustrated album covers, books, and billboards. […]

Judit Zengővári

Hungary Judit Zengővári is a freelance illustrator based in Budapest. She loves creating eye-catching images with bold shapes and vibrant colours to make people smile. The characters she designs represent joy, kindness, and diversity. instagram: juditzengovari Peace The letter B is about hope 💙💛