Robert Jonas Toth

Hungary Robert Jonas Toth, born in 1976, is an illustrator and infographic designer currently working at – an online magazine focused on science, technology, economy, and society. instagram: robiroboter Homage

Lehel Kovacs

Hungary Lehel Kovacs is a Hungarian illustrator born in Transylvania and based in Budapest, whose works have appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines. Lehel’s art is simple and direct, but he utilises a very sophisticated approach to visual storytelling. In addition to editorial illustration, he has illustrated album covers, books, and billboards. […]

Judit Zengővári

Hungary Judit Zengővári is a freelance illustrator based in Budapest. She loves creating eye-catching images with bold shapes and vibrant colours to make people smile. The characters she designs represent joy, kindness, and diversity. instagram: juditzengovari Peace The letter B is about hope 💙💛

Natasha Garlukovich

Belarus Natasha Garlukovich is an artist from Belarus. She studied design in Minsk and in 2020, she moved to Warsaw, Poland. Natasha creates her art inspired and influenced by current events, starting from the protests in Belarus and ending with documenting the recent developments in Ukraine. Through her art, Natasha tries to support others and […]

Liliya Kvatsabaya

Belarus Liliya Kvatsabaya is a Belarusian artist, graphic designer, and illustrator living currently in the United States. Liliya has created several dozen works on the topic of rigged elections taking place in 2020 in Belarus. In her art, Liliya depicts the difficulties faced by the Belarusian people on the way to freedom. Liliya’s posters and […]

Andreea Gabriela Tudor

Romania Andreea Gabriela Tudor is a Romanian artist who uses various techniques – painting, drawing, printmaking, collage. In her art, she explores the theme of identity as well as the socio-cultural issues of the modern world. She questions the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, using the formal elements of […]

Loreta Isac

Romania Loreta Isac-Cojocaru is an artist born in Chișinău, Moldova, currently living and working in Bucharest, România. She is professionally active in the fields of animation and illustration. Her journey towards graphic arts started at the Octav Bancila art high school in Iasi. The next stop was the George Enescu Art University in Iasi. During […]

Matej Ilčík

Slovakia Matej Ilcik is a Slovakian illustrator, specialising mainly in illustration for children and young adults. He loves drawing whimsical characters placed in funny scenes. In his work, he’s focused on serious and mature topics, but tries to depict them with humour – often in darker shades. He has illustrated 5 books so far, and […]

Kristína Uhráková

Slovakia Kristína Uhráková is the founder of Pressink studio, a letterpress-themed creative workspace based in the Nová Cvernovka community culture in Bratislava, Slovakia, the first functional space dedicated to typography and letterpress printing in Slovakia. Kristina works with a limited collection of metal and wood printing presses and two German presses: FAG Standard AP 510 […]

Maks Graur

Moldova Maks Graur is an illustrator and art director from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. In 2018, he graduated in Graphic Design from Oxford Brookes University in the UK, but soon realised that his true passion was illustration. In the process of creation, the most important step for Maks is the development of a strong concept […]