Oleg Gryshchenko

Ukraine   Oleg Gryshchenko is an artist, illustrator, and academic teacher at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Co-founder of the Pictoric illustrators club, with which he has been organising and supervising international illustration exhibitions and socio-cultural projects showcasing Ukrainian illustrators since 2014.In his art, Oleg makes use of modern reinterpretation of elements […]

Zhenya Oliinyk

Ukraine   Zhenya Oliinyk is a Ukrainian illustrator and drawing artist living in Kyiv. She was a journalist and cultural studies major, which made her keen to take up difficult social and cultural issues. Zhenya’s professional life revolves around commercial and editorial illustration, publishing, and graphic journalism. instagram: evilpinkpics Hope   I created this illustration […]

Yuliya Osyka

Ukraine   Yuliya Osyka is an artist, illustrator, and motion designer from Dnipro, Ukraine. She earned a BFA in Animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from State Theater and Arts College of Dnipro in Ukraine, majoring in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. instagram: yuliya_osyka Mariupol   The Russian army […]

Yaroslava Yatsuba (Bright arts)

Ukraine   Yaroslava Yatsuba is an artist born and bred in Dnipro, a city she has lived all her life in. She studied architecture and used to be an architect. She has been into drawing ever since she can remember, and it has turned into her profession over the last few years. Her works include […]

Veronika Kotyk

Ukraine   Veronika Kotyk is a Ukrainian illustrator from the blooming city of Kyiv. As a child, Veronika was fond of drawing animals and scenes of life in her parents’ books. After many years, it led her to an art school. She graduated from the Publishing and Printing Institute NTUU «KPI» in 2011 with a […]

Tasha Levytska

Ukraine   Before the fullscale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tasha Levytska was an artist, ceramist, illustrator, and animator. She used to run a small workshop, where she would create fun ceramic heads and experiment with different drawing techniques. She was an active participant of workshop events, exhibitions, and auctions. She says that she doesn’t don’t […]

Tania Yakunova

Ukraine   Tania Yakunova is an award-winning illustrator and artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Her creative output ranges from book, commercial, and editorial illustrations to internationally exhibited personal works of art. She has been working on projects from around the world from Japan to Ecuador, for clients such as Google, Facebook, Coca-cola, and many more. Tania […]

Sophia Suliy

Ukraine   Sophia Suliy is a 27-year-old artist and illustrator based in Lviv, Ukraine. She holds a master’s degree in sacral art. She has participated in a number of plein-air workshops as well as collective and personal exhibitions. For the last year and a half, however, she has been mostly focused on illustration. When the […]

Sergiy Maidukov

Ukraine   Sergiy Maidukov is a Ukrainian artist who was born and studied in Donetsk. Over the past seven years, he has worked for e.g. The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Economist and The Financial Times, among others. He’s a regular columnist writing for the German magazine DIE […]

Sashko Danylenko

Ukraine Sashko Danylenko is a Ukrainian filmmaker, visual storyteller, illustrator, and multimedia artist. He has directed many animated music videos, including those for DakhaBrakha, TNMK, Kwoon, Kalush, Alyona Alyona and others. Sashko combines folk and contemporary styles, nature, and digital in his works. Based in the USA, Sashko works on animadoc projects for TED, The […]