Igor Kubik

Poland Igor Kubik is a visual artist, an illustrator, and a designer. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Illustration Studio run by Grażka Lange and Monika Hanulak. He is an author of art books as well as press and commercial illustrations. He also works in the domains of graphic […]

Karolina Kulik

Poland Karolina is a 22-year-old student of graphic design, based in Warsaw. She has been interested in art and new technology ever since she remembers. Her studies let her combain her two passions. This enabled her to gain a lot of knowledge that she could already implement in her artistic and professional career. Tasks like […]

Kasia Lisiak, Pan Lis

Poland Kasia Lisiak, going by the name of Pan Lis, is an urban planner by education, having graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology, and a poster artist by profession. For 7 years she worked as a graphic designer at the “haveasign” graphic studio. In 2013, Kasia founded “Pan Lis”, […]

Adela Madej

Poland Adela Madej is a Warsaw-based graphic designer. She’s a graduate of the Institute of Polish Culture at University of Warsaw and of the Faculty of New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. She works mainly as an illustrator, poster and brand designer. She’s worked for Psyjaciele (a dog accessories brand), Hopito […]

Aleksander Małachowski, Hashtagalek

Poland Aleksander Małachowski aka Hashtagalek is an architectural photographer, master of fine arts, and a co-founder of the ProjektFotografia.pl course. His passion stems from an endless thrill that accompanies him when discovering different perspectives and paying attention to the tiniest details. His earlier studies pushed him to seek for an intersection between photography and the […]

Ula Mierzwa

Poland Urszula Mierzwa is an Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw scholarship holder and a talented tattoo artist involved with Nanuszka Art Studio in Warsaw. Urszula is also a freelance illustrator, working with such magazines as KUKBUK, Wizje, and Szajn. instagram: ula.mierzwa FANCY A DRINK? My poster depicts a partisan weapon called Molotov cocktail, which […]

Andrzej Milewski, Andrzej Rysuje

Poland Editorial cartoonist, born in 1985. As an artist, he uses the nickname ‘Andrzej Rysuje’. The works he creates are mostly satirical and address current political and social issues. Milewski is a regular contributor to ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. He also creates commercial drawings for well-known brands. instagram: andrzejrysuje Tractor The tractor towing a tank of ‘the […]

Aleksandra Morawiak

Poland Aleksandra Morawiak is an artist specialising in digital collage. She creates beautiful and detail-rich, fairytale-like, surreal worlds in her art. She has worked with publishers, brands, agencies in Poland and abroad, including Design Alive, Label Magazine, Modern Designers, Design Alive, KUKBUK, ELLE. Her illustrations have also been awarded by the Must Have quality label […]

Andrzej Pągowski

Poland Andrzej Pągowski, born in 1953, graduated from the State University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. He has designed almost 2000 posters for clients from Poland and abroad since 1977. He’s also a painter and an author of numerous book illustrations, covers, drawings for magazines, artwork for CD booklets. He has received several Polish and […]

Wiktor Pilipczuk, Obiektor

Poland Wiktor Pilipczuk is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Łódź, Poland. He is currently a fifth-year student of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts. In his art, he expresses his feelings and emotions of the moment. Wiktor wants to create art that is both beautiful and valuable. He loves dogs, good […]